A new Nordic service providing music promotion.

Three strong companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden have joined forces and created a nordic hub to spread music to the large and attractive Scandinavian audience. Nordic Waves gives music companies the ease of a single point of contact in a collective of music professionals. The team behind Nordic Waves consists of Norwegian On It PR, the Swedish Skiva Promotion and Danish Tambourhinoceros. 

Nordic Waves offers music promotion on all platforms (i.e. radio, print and online) customized to all types of music-related projects may it be bands, events, labels and more. 

The Nordic Waves network includes more than 380 online media, 350 daily press , 180 long leads, 475 radio journalists and 75 TV contacts.

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About On It PR

ON IT is a Norwegian music PR firm that provides complete package services to artists, labels and music brands. Started in 2012 by music industry professionals with years of experience in many aspects of both the independent and major label worlds ON IT offers extremely dedicated service to a boutique roster of clients. Currently working with clients like Primavera Sound Festival and BMG Chrysalis.

About Skiva Promotion

Swedish independent promotion firm since 1998. Been working with most Swedish record labels and many international over the years including Universal Music, Stranded, EMI, Playground, BMG Chrysalis, Kning Disk, ANTI, City Slang, Border Music, Rabid, Epitaph, Labrador, Novoton, Adrian Recordings, Cooperative Music and several others. Skiva Promotion is also working as press coordinator at the Way Out West festival in Sweden. 

About Tambourhinoceros

Tambourhinoceros is a music company centered around record label activities. Founded in 2010 (Iceage, CTM, Treefight For Sunlight, 4 Guys From The Future) Tambourhinoceros has always being doing the promotion activities in-house and helped other labels and bands with promotion. Kristoffer Rom and Tue Kjerstein have over 10 years of accumulated experience in promotional activities from both Tambourhinoceros as well as PR agencies, music festivals like Trailerpark Festival and as the artist (Oh No Ono).