RY X: Berlin

RY X from Australia will release his Berlin EP (vinyl and digital) on August 28 through the Swedish label Dumont Dumont.

RY X is far more than his voice and an acoustic guitar. The fragility found in "Berlin" and its echoing vocals allows the darkness to emerge. The undulating feel of RY X voice, at times defeated, at others defiant, but it’s that constant transition between serenity and catharsis that makes “Berlin” something really special.

"Want to listen to something quite beautiful? Well you should get a load of RY X and the track 'Berlin' which will ripple across you like a hybrid Bon Iver & Matt Corby track. It's not just good. It's exquisite audio silk. Get it into your ears now. "
Your Music Radar (Australia)

"Velvety smooth, velvet arpeggio, RY X reinvents itself into intimate folk pop harmonies."
Pause-Musicale (France)

"Something really special." Not Many Experts (UK)

Listen to Berlin: https://soundcloud.com/dumontdumont/ry-x-berlin