Pan-scandinavian music promotion and marketing brought to you by Jansen Records, Skiva Promotion and Tambourhinoceros.


When done right, marketing can amplify your reach and be the glue that connects the dots between activities such as media exposure, touring, and new releases. Nordic Waves offers a range of marketing services such as advertising, content planning, social media management, and more.

We utilize an array of techniques to ensure that your project reaches both your current fans, relevant music fans that haven’t discovered you yet, and old fans that no longer interact with your music.

By carefully managing your advertising budget, we ensure the most relevant audiences are reached with the right message at the right time. Advertising can help you achieve goals such as:

  • Increased traffic to your releases on streaming platforms
  • Driving merch- and ticket sales
  • More views and subscribers on YouTube
  • Growing followers on social media
  • Getting more subscribers on your newsletter

We make sure your Meta Business Manager, Google Ads account etc. are properly set up to handle the campaign strategies, and we provide you with monitoring and reporting tools detailing the impact of our work.
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